Our Mission

techG is launched to help the engineers to do better in their career. It’s a platform that helps engineering student, researchers and engineers to solve their doubts. It works for the better of today.

What is techG

Electrical & Electronics engineering portal where user get

  • Control Wiring Diagram
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Block Diagram
  • Engineering Layout
  • Discussion Forum where user can discuss regarding any Electrical & Electronics doubt


Ranita Sen

Hi, I’m Ranita, founder of techG. I am Master in Control & Instrumentation engineering, having experience more than a decade on teaching and research. From last few years I am doing research on renewable energy, MPPT, optimization etc.


Rintu Midday

Rintu is our active team member. He is an Electrical Chartered engineer, having more than 11 years of electrical engineering experience in different industries like Oil & Gas, Iron & Steel, Power Plant etc. He did design & engineering of various plant all over the world and they are safely operating. He is a very self motivated and passionate professional. He is always eager to learn new things.